Jasmine Roth of ‘Help! I Wrecked My House’ Reveals the Dumbest Thing You Can Forget To Do When Renovating

Broderick and Kendall love the new banquet Jasmine Roth provided for them.


On “Help! I Wrecked My House,” host Jasmine Roth meets homeowners who’ve gotten in over their heads while renovating. But on the latest episode, she meets a soon-to-be-engaged couple who truly went to town on their house.

In “Take Me Out of My Reno,” Roth meets Kendall and Broderick, who have purchased their first home in California’s Orange County, then began their own demolition derby inside.

Broderick, a welder by trade, thought home construction would be easy, just because he works with his hands. He quickly found out he was wrong.

“To put it simply, it was very humbling,” he confesses. “I thought that I would be able to give her the home that she wanted, and I learned that I can’t. I don’t have time nor the knowledge.”

They give Roth a budget of $100,000 and six weeks to roll up her sleeves and make this house right. It’s not going to be easy.

“Kendall and Broderick wrecked their house,” she says. “They were so excited; now, I feel like they’re a little bit regretful.”

As she works to reverse that regret, Roth offers some important lessons and genius ideas you may want to take to heart when renovating your own home, too.

Don’t rip anything out that you can’t put back together

A hole in the subfloor that's a tough fix
A hole in the subfloor that’s a tough fix


Kendall and Broderick began randomly swinging sledgehammers and other heavy tools when they started their demo. They didn’t have any plans for rebuilding once the demolition was done.

“We weren’t really thinking, more so looking to have fun with demo,” confesses Broderick.

They broke down walls and ripped up the floor. They found tile under the tile, then damaged the subfloor while they were trying to remove the two layers of tile flooring. They had no idea what they were going to do with the place once the dust settled.

“They went for it,” says Roth. “They took up a really big floor with no idea how to put the house back together.”

Roth shares some of best advice ever: “When it comes to DIY renos, it’s better to stick with projects that you know you can achieve.”

Never forget to turn off the power, gas, and water

A live socket
A live socket


This is the scary part. The young couple didn’t think about turning off the gas, electricity, or plumbing when they started ripping the house apart.

Roth is horrified when she sees the state of things.

“You have a broken plug that’s live. It’s really dangerous. If you had hit that, you would have been electrocuted,” she tells them.

Then she walks into the kitchen and notices that they’d moved the oven and broken into nearby walls and cabinets without closing the gas line.

“That would have been the first thing to do,” she says, noting that it’s still on. “So you’ve been moving your range around, sledgehammering things with an open gas line to your kitchen.”

In other words, the couple are extremely lucky they didn’t burn the place down or blow it up!

Save space in the dining area by building a banquette

New, custom banquet
New, custom banquette


Roth decides to have a carpenter come in and build a bench against the wall in the dining area. Then she adds comfy chairs on the other side of the new table.

“If we did this dining area, like, out in the middle of the room, it’d be fine,” she says. “We do have enough room, but by putting it over this way a little bit, it’s going to make this whole room feel way bigger.”

Consider a see-through room divider

Custom brass and glass room divider
Custom brass and glass room divider


There is now only a counter between the kitchen and the living room, so Roth decides to have an expert construct a brass and glass shelf that goes from the counter to the ceiling.

“It will break up the long counter space and give these two rooms definition,” she says, “but will also give them some more storage.”

She also points out that it adds personality.

“This partition between the kitchen and the living room is something that’s completely different, and that uniqueness will be a part of this house for a really long time,” Roth explains

Try a Roman clay accent wall

Roman clay accent wall
Roman clay accent wall


An accent wall in the primary bedroom will be a major feature, and Roth decides to smear a deep blue Roman clay on it.

“They primed it a little bit darker so we can do a Roman clay application,” says Roth. “All we have to do is add a nice, thin coat and kind of smear it on the wall—but be careful because it dries fast.”

She explains, “Kendall and Broderick really like earth elements, so by adding natural Roman clay to the wall in the bedroom, I’m going to be able to add a layer and actually get that texture that we so desperately need.”

Best of all, it cost less than $150, making it a bargain decor hack with a big impact.

Does Jasmine Roth help unwreck this house?

Locker like entryway closet
Locker-like entryway closet


Roth is able to provide everything the couple ever dreamed of and more, including an entryway closet space that incorporates a classy design inspired by the locker room at Padre Stadium where Kendall’s father played for many years.

And she came in right on budget, at $100,000.

“It’s better than I ever imagined it could be,” says Kendall.

“I’m overwhelmed,” adds Broderick.

“They’re so cute,” says Roth happily. “And they’re so excited! That is a feeling you get only once, because you only have a first home once.”

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