David Bromstad of ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ Reveals Where Gorgeous, Affordable Beach Homes Are Hiding

David Bromstad


Think a home right by the beach is too expensive for all but the richest of the rich? On the latest episode of “My Lottery Dream Home,” host David Bromstad proves otherwise by finding gorgeous oceanfront properties well within his buyer’s financial reach.

In the Season 12 episode “South Beach Birth Rite,” Bromstad meets Julie, who’s unlike most homebuyers he meets on the show. For one thing, Julie inherited her money rather than winning it. Plus, she’s looking not for a new main residence, but a vacation condo for herself and her husband, Jim, for between $300,000 and $450,000.

Bromstad knows that South Beach, FL, is brimming with plenty of properties in this price range. He shows Julie and her friend Bobbi three homes, each with its own unique pros and cons. Find out which one they pick, with plenty of lessons that might help in your own home-shopping ventures.

A lower-priced home leaves you with money for improvements

laminate flooring
Julie doesn’t like the laminate flooring in condo No. 1.


The first home Bromstad shows Julie and Bobbi is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom listed at $295,000. It’s way under Julie’s budget, so there’s plenty of money left over for home improvements.

While the condo is beautifully finished with big windows, Julie asks about the flooring. Bromstad points out that it’s vinyl, which is known for durability. He notes that the material can be easily changed with her remaining budget.

It’s a smart reminder that home upgrades don’t need to be necessary fixes. A vacation home, like a regular home, should match your tastes.

Invest your renovation budget in the kitchen

This kitchen is updated, but it’s cramped.


The floors aren’t the only problem in this condo. When Julie and Bobbi venture into the kitchen, they find a small, cramped space. Bromstad admits that the space is small but reminds them that they can change the layout.

“You could restructure this whole kitchen really easily just by spreading things out,” he says. “You’ll have a much better flow.”

Sometimes, the perfect kitchen is already there; other times, it must be created.

A Murphy bed is great for overnight guests

Murphy bed
The second condo comes with a convenient surprise: a Murphy bed!


The second condo Bromstad shows Julie and Bobbi is an upscale one-bedroom, one-bathroom with lots of resort-style amenities like a big pool and a gorgeous lobby. Plus, the view of the ocean from the condo is gorgeous. This place is pricier than the first at $439,000, but it seems to really have it all.

This place even features a hidden bed in the living room. After showing Julie and Bobbi the balcony, Bromstad pulls down the living room wall behind the TV, revealing a Murphy bed.

“Isn’t this great? It’s a queen size,” he says.

“That’s going to be super convenient,” Bobbi says.

Know that a turn-key home will cost you

updated kitchen
Condo No. 3 is beautifully updated, but it’s pricey.


The third place Bromstad shows Julie and Bobbi is a two-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom condo with two stories and luxurious upgrades. At $445,000, it’s the most expensive of the three homes, but once Julie and Bobbi walk through the front door, they’re immediately impressed by the open living room and updated kitchen.

“It’s got the most modern amenities,” Bromstad says. “It’s got stainless-steel appliances and nice cabinets and a beautiful countertop that’s higher-end. So this is where the money’s kind of coming in. It’s coming in with the details.”

Consider expanding the main bedroom

This condo has two bedrooms, but both are small.


While this home has a lot of great features, it’s not perfect. The two bedrooms are the same size, and unfortunately, they’re small.

Bobbi says they’re big enough for beds and side tables, but Bromstad has an idea he’s sure Julie will like: combine both rooms into one.

“If you want a one-bedroom, you can knock this out,” he says. “You can have yourself a main bedroom that’s delightful.”

Which house is the winner?

After seeing all three homes, Julie decides on the second home, with the Murphy bed and the fabulous beach view.

“So basically you’re moving into a resort,” Bromstad says of their choice. “Things are taken care of for you. Like, life is going to be wonderful for you guys.”

Two months later, life is indeed wonderful for Julie and Jim. The couple are able to entertain friends at their new home and seem to be having a wonderful time.

“I love looking out at this bay and the city—it’s just gorgeous,” Julie says.

Even Jim is happy with the choice, saying, “It’s hard to argue with that view!”

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